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i would like to thanks you for the new addon "limited attempts". i would like to report two points 1- The quiz with a timer is not working properly. the quiz appears even without click the start. 2- The number of attempts for "all users option" is 3 no matter the number filled in the addon. Thanks again.


Hi: With HD Quiz Styler can I make the quizzes 90 or 100% page width? Currently, the width of the quiz is to limited.


(1) Stop users from changing their answers option is not working, (2) Want to reinstall the plugin so how can I back up my quiz questions?

July 28, 2021 ~Asrar Sheikh

Do you think develop personality quiz feature? I will share with you the first serious earnings of the quiz site I just opened. this is a great plugin.

June 26, 2021 ~krimta membis 👍

hi I would like to know if i can with your quiz-addon, add voices? I would like that a voice says the possible answers when the player click on it. i will use it for babies who don't know how to read yet. images are great. but the addition of voice will make it perfect. if the option is not available does it possible de code it? thank you for your return Virginie


i appreciate the HD Quiz plugin

typo of 'recieve' on addons page. should be 'receive'. cheers.

looking forward to continuing fleshing out my prototype quiz site with HD Quiz.

February 23, 2021 ~Peter Smith 👍

Hi, your work is really amazing. I would like to use it, but I cant. I dont know or are able to get the width of the quiz to the full width of my site. All the time the quiz and the images in the quiz are only 1/3 of a site width. Is it possible to scale the quiz with the possible width of the rest/site?



Love your work! So easy to use and it's exactly what I was looking for! I am looking to get the HD Quiz Result Pro version. I would like to get people's name and email before they start the quiz (non-logged-users) Thank you!


Hi, is it possible to see the responses of the people who respond to our quizzes? Thank you! HD Quiz Save Results Light


Hello Forde, first of all, thank you for this amazingly wonderful plugin, it is excellent. I'm having issues finding the addon for results which I have installed on my Wordpress. Please, how do I go about finding and putting it to use. Thanks, Sabi