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HD QUIZ 1.8. If you are seeing a message “Question type not found” on your quizzes, then it means that you still need to update your quiz data. Please log into your site and run the data upgrade tool.

If you have any issues or requests, or simply want to leave a comment, please use the form on the right to do so.

HD Quiz is a FREE Quiz builder plugin for WordPress. The focus of HD Quiz is to create an easy to use and intuitive way to build fun quizzes and add them to any page or post on your site.

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Highlighted featured of HD Quiz:

  • Each quiz can have unique settings and options
  • Mobile friendly
  • Touch-friendly
  • Question featured images and tooltips
  • Multiple Question Types
    • multiple-choice text (user selects a text option)
    • multiple-choice images (user selects an image)
    • text input based (user types their answer – HD Quiz 1.8+)
  • Social sharing
  • Animated GIF support
  • Quiz timer
  • Full pagination support
  • Basic translation features
  • Custom pass/fail text – you can add images, shortcodes, links – anything!
  • Grab questions form a pool of questions
  • Extra text that appears under each question if the user gets the question wrong
  • Multiple “marking” modes such as showing what answers the user got right and wrong, and which answer was the correct one
  • Custom question order
  • Random question order
  • Random answer order
  • CSV Question importer (HD Quiz 1.8+)
  • Fully Gutenberg compatible
  • and so, so, so much more.

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Hi how to fix this, there is an error showing above my quiz Pls help


January 21, 2021 ~Alan jr e pacot

When I turn on the WP paginate option (which I need), the quiz only shows and repeats the first question ad infinitum. Ive disabled randomization and timers, etc. The paginate option of each separate question is also turned off. Ive also tried changing to 2021 theme and disabling all the plug-ins. Still no use.


      https://app-5ff722e6c1ac19100811073b.closte.com/?page_id=109page/2?currentScore=1&totalQuestions=1 There is the link (I recommend using desktop). The questions in the quiz are supposed to be 3, but it repeats the Canada question as you can see.


hello sorry this is my second question, i dont want to spam but i forgot to add this in last time. I imported csv file and then instead of putting one question and four option it imported all csv column and row as a questions. i imported 7 questions with their 4 option and 1 correct option but those were imported as 36 questions. please solve this. thank you


      now it is working thnx for your help.problem was when i copied from my excel then i dont know why but there was quotation mark with my text and then i copied first to word and then to csv and it is working now though process become long. This plug in is good bcoz im strting new website and i tried lots of plugin and everyone have bulk import feature but for paid features but hd quiz giving this free, plus interface is also simple and i dont have knowledge of coding so this is very helpful for me. thank you for your help.


hello, hd quiz is the best. only one problem when i imported csv file it showed questions are added but then i checked then there were no questions. how to solve this? other than this this plugin is very awesome. I want to make a quiz website so there are many questions and i want to add them together thats why i tried to upload using csv import tool but its not working please help.


Hi, I just tested your plugin and I find it awesome ! I would like to know how i could grant the use of this plugin to users with contributor or editor roles. Any idea ?


Hi, Thank you developing such an easy and wonderful plugin. I am using this for the first time and want to add quizzes in my blog. But before a user starts the quiz, I want them to type in their name and email id so I get to know the users and have a copy of the quiz result. is that possible?


I'm not a prorammer, so please make it simple :-) I have these messagese :Warning : hash_equals(): Expected known_string to be a string, bool given in /home/customer/www/avanzimorivet.it/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/meta.php on line 1126

Warning : openssl_decrypt(): IV passed is only 9 bytes long, cipher expects an IV of precisely 16 bytes, padding with in /home/customer/www/avanzimorivet.it/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/meta.php on line 1124

Warning : hash_equals(): Expected known_string to be a string, bool given in /home/customer/www/avanzimorivet.it/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/meta.php on line 1126 o my site: https://avanzimorivet.it/index.php/home/quiz/quiz-il-coniglio-2/ thank yuou


I am new to HD quiz, so sorry for the question if it has already been answered. I am looking to change the text that is included when a user shares their results on social media. A user is able to currently share the results, but I am hoping to alter the text that drives people to our page.


Can you confirm if questions can be imported from an MS Excel worksheet



I have been using Hd quiz, its great plugin for quiz making. But in recent days the quiz is not working. problem is it does not respond to the clicks and finish button also does not work. Do try to solve this problem. I have provided the link below do check and suggest solution. Thanks https://psconlinenotes.com/5th-january-2021-current-affairs-pdf/


Hi, I just finished my first Quiz and thought that after completion you could e-mail the results. I understand you have to store the answers and create a pdf-file, which will costs hostingpower. Nut from a client perspective I would definitely use this option. Thanks!


Hello there, we had talked again and you were very helpful! Now my problem is that I wanna put the quiz in that blog page (which I haven't put in the menu yet) https://lowrider.gr/news .But when I press Start the quiz it just refreshes the page. In every other location I've put the quiz it works perfect (like https://lowrider.gr/more or here https://lowrider.gr/news/greek-rap/rap-anaskopisi-2020/ ) Thanks for your help.


      Ok I see. Yes I'm comfortable with editing whatever you tell me. Also, when I'm satisfied with the "news" page I will replace the "more" page, but I guess that doesn't change anything about the quiz right?


Great plugin. Great for testing my students at school But I want to use on my website - I need a personality quiz. Would it be too difficult to add a third result and there be no right-wrong answers. Result A, result B, Result C

January 8, 2021 ~Sylvia Skinner

Love this! However - is there a way to duplicate quiz? Or make quiz results message a default?


What is the csv format for uploading the questions in bulk? I have 1.8.2 version installed but i dont find a place to import the csv file and neither a format.


Can there be an option where admin can view the scores of people who've taken the quiz


Hello, Is it possible to have report/statistics on the quiz ? (in example time to respond to the quiz)


Please provide new quiz question type as 'Code' whose answer will be a coding programme


This is a very useful product. If I grouped by questions into more than one page, can I redirect the last page?

January 7, 2021 ~Andie Femi Moyan

Thank you - that was a quick and easy fix!


Hi Dylan, I have been using HD Quiz on the website for a while but now I am getting an error message that appears above the quiz as follows:

Warning: hash_equals(): Expected known_string to be a string, bool given in /home/customer/www/outfactors.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/meta.php on line 1126

Warning: openssl_decrypt(): IV passed is only 9 bytes long, cipher expects an IV of precisely 16 bytes, padding with in /home/customer/www/outfactors.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/meta.php on line 1124

Warning: hash_equals(): Expected known_string to be a string, bool given in /home/customer/www/outfactors.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/meta.php on line 1126

I updated the quiz and even created a new quiz using the same questions but the message remains. How can I fix this.

Thank you, Mark


Hi Dylan. I am wondering if there is any option to display one question at one time (like one question per page), or let the page auto-scroll from question to question. So, it starts at question #1, and it jumps down to the next one either when the user gave an answer or when the time ran out.


Hello! Thanks for this awesome plugin! I was able to use the import tool before, but now I am running into these warnings and I can't seem to get it to work. Any suggestions to fix this?

Warning: file(.../wp-content/uploads/hd-quiz/questions-bass-notes.csv): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in .../wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/tools/csv_import.php on line 182

Warning: array_map(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, bool given in .../wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/tools/csv_import.php on line 182

Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in .../wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/tools/csv_import.php on line 185


Love the plugin. I've used it a few times so far and found it to be easy to use. One feature I would like to suggest based on some other quizzes I've seen on other sites is the ability to display an average score. Any plans for such a feature in the future?


Dylan- Thanks again for the latest version. It works great and the administration screens are much better organized.
One comment, though. This isn't causing me a problem yet, but after the WP update (~ 6 months ago?.. I haven't updated to WP 5.6.0 quite yet) I had to install the "jQuery Migrate Helper" plugin to keep things running. The warning message on my WP dashboard is telling me that the Save Results Lite plugin is using deprecated Javascript code: "jQuery.fn.load()" I'm using v 0.2 of the Save Results Lite plugin.

I just wondered if you were aware of this and if there are any plans to update the plugin to work around the depreciated code?

-----jQuery Migrate Helper Message (I replaced my URL with "...") ------

jQuery Migrate Helper — Warnings encountered

This page generated the following warnings:

.../wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz-save-results-light/includes/js/hdq_a_light_admin.js: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated

      Thanks. I'm not worried about WP 5.6, but I am wondering what will happen after 5.6. The "Jquery Migrate Helper" says that it "will only work between WordPress 5.5.0 and 5.6.0, and is not meant as a permanent fix..." Could this mean that the Results plugin (and anything else using this depreciated code) will crash after the next WP update that will replace WP 5.6?


Seasons Greetings from lockdown UK to lockdown Canada,

I've been testing your lovely HD Quiz plugin. Would love to have a back button; actually my client wants it - you know how it is. Easy peasy possible?


December 28, 2020 ~Stephanie David

I truly appreciate the effort and putting this together, I need it and found JUST the plug in that fits my need. As an IT professional myself, I like to suggest if you can add a feature in the future to prevent the quiz taker to right click, copy paste or export the quiz. Maybe we can do it with a simple line somewhere, not sure but it will be VERY helpful. I'm using the random question and answer feature and it's very useful. Thanks

December 23, 2020 ~Tom Jeff 👍
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