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HD Quiz

HD Quiz is a very easy to use plugin to create an unlimited amount of quizzes and embed them onto any page or post. HD Quiz is equally perfect for building strong professional based questionnaires or fun Buzzfeed style quizzes.

See a live demo


  • Unlimited amount of quizzes
  • Each quiz has individual options
  • Mobile friendly (responsive design)
  • Touch friendly (each option is coded and designed to make it easy to select on touch devices)
  • Each question can have it’s own featured image
  • Each question can have it’s own tool tip
  • Share Quiz score across Facebook and Twitter
  • NEW: You can now use images as answers
    • Recommended size of 400×400, but the plugin will upscale any image too small
  • Animated gifs as question featured image, or for any answer
  • Quiz Timer – set a time limit to complete the quiz
  • Pagination
  • Question as title / heading
  • Ability to rename the Next and Finish buttons (found in the HD Quiz About / Options page)
  • Add links to quiz results!
  • Ability to add a small writeup for each question that would be displayed underneath the question on quiz completion.
  • [NEW!] Grab from a pool of questions

Please note that as always, new features are marked as experimental – so please let me know if you need any help in getting them to work!


  • Results position (above quiz/below quiz)
  • Ability to share quiz results
  • Results checking (highlights right and wrong answers on quiz completion)
    • Option to highlight what the correct answer was
  • Pass percentage
  • Quiz Pass text
  • Quiz Fail text
  • Quiz Timer
  • Pagination
  • Random question order
  • Random answer order

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  • Mike

    Is there a way to customize the results page? I do an mental health quiz. I don’t think “congratulations! You passed.” is the best response to having a problem. I would also like to add a hyperlink the results page too. Thanks for the great plugin.

    • Hello Mike and thank you for using HD Quiz!

      You can customize the results text by editing the quiz options. You can get to the quiz options by going to HD Quiz -> Quizzes, then selecting the quiz you would like to edit. From there you will be able to customize almost every aspect of the quiz including the text for passing or failing the quiz.

      As for adding a link, I think that the ability to add a link to the quiz results is a great idea, so I’ll add in a dedicated way to do this is the next update.


      I have sent Mike a modified version of HD Quiz 1.4 with this requested functionality and it seems all is working! This feature is now marked as complete and will be included in the next version of HD Quiz.

  • Wendy Mayes

    Hello. I am a real newbie as you will see from my question. I have made a quiz but when I paste the code into a page all I see is a “Finish’ button. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hello Wendy, it sounds like you created the quiz, and created some questions, but never attached those questions to a quiz.

      When editing or creating a new question, the right sidebar will contain a list of all of the quizzes you’ve created – you’ll need to select the quiz the question belongs to here.

  • Chartreuse

    Hello, your quiz maker looks excellent. how can I use my quizz to collect email addresses or Facebook followers?

    • Hello Chartreuse,
      there is currently no direct option in HD Quiz to collect personal information from any quiz takers, but there may be a viable solution for you coming out soon!

      The next version of HD Quiz (will probably be released early next week) contains some considerable upgrades to the text that appears when a quiz is completed. This new update would allow you to easily add links to the quiz results allowing you to do something along the lines of “If you enjoyed this quiz, then please follow us on facebook or sign up to our newletter.”

      This way whenever someone completes a quiz, they would get a call to action to follow you on Facebook or subscribe to your list.

  • joao lucas

    Hello, i’m trying to add a image as an answer but I just can’t. I just click at the image saying 400×400 and it just doesn’t open any window for me to select the image. Please, help.

    • Hello Joao,

      it sounds like your site has a jQuery confliction in the admin area.

      Are you using the latest version of WordPress?
      *Try upgrading if there is a version available to you
      *HD Quiz is only officially tested with WP 4.3+

      What theme are you using?
      *Try temporarily changing your theme to the default Twenty Fifteen
      *It’s possible that a poorly coded theme could have errant functions and scripts that are interfering. Changing to Twenty Fifteen will help you narrow down the possibilities.

      Check your other plugins
      *Just to test, try disabling all other plugins and see if you are now able to add images to HD Quiz
      *If disabling all other plugins allows HD Quiz to work, then we know that the cause of your problem is one of your other plugins. Now you can enable your plugins one by one until you find the one causing the problem.

      Please let me know if you need further help.

      Just in case anyone else reads this, I was in contact with Joao and the problem has been solved. The issue was with his site not loading default WordPress scripts. A fallback has been coded into the next version of HD Quiz for anyone else in a similar situation.

  • Julie May

    Do you know when this feature might be available?

    • Add ability to add a small writeup for each question that would be displayed underneath the question on quiz completion.

    • Hello Julie,
      this feature is actually done, just not released yet as it has not been fully tested. I have sent you an email with the next version of the plugin – just remember that it IS unofficial and may contain bugs.

      Please let me know if it works for you, or if you come across any problems.

  • Sarmad Asif


    I am getting these errors on the once we finish the quiz and the results are displayed.

    Notice: Use of undefined constant quQuizPaged – assumed ‘quQuizPaged’ in C:xampphtdocsxamppwordpress-4.4wordpresswp-contentpluginshd-quizresult.php on line 8

    Notice: Use of undefined constant quPassPercent – assumed ‘quPassPercent’ in C:xampphtdocsxamppwordpress-4.4wordpresswp-contentpluginshd-quizresult.php on line 10

    Notice: Use of undefined constant quQuizFb – assumed ‘quQuizFb’ in C:xampphtdocsxamppwordpress-4.4wordpresswp-contentpluginshd-quizresult.php on line 11

    Notice: Use of undefined constant maxValue – assumed ‘maxValue’ in C:xampphtdocsxamppwordpress-4.4wordpresswp-contentpluginshd-quizresult.php on line 12

    Notice: Use of undefined constant currentScore – assumed ‘currentScore’ in C:xampphtdocsxamppwordpress-4.4wordpresswp-contentpluginshd-quizresult.php on line 13

    and more from result.php…

    • Muhammad Kazim

      brother edit the code .

  • Yes Agency

    Hi, I would like users to be able to answer with a text answer rather than multiple choice. Is this possible?

    • Hello Yes Agency,
      This functionality is not currently in HD Quiz – HD Quiz uses multiple choice only.

      Unfortunately, there are also no plans to bring this functionality in the near future, but if enough people request it I will bump it up on my feature to do list.

  • Sarmad Asif

    This is really great! Thank you so much.

  • Gea Suarez Bing

    Hola, gurda los resultados? no pude encontrarlos

  • Karin Persons

    Hi, I wonder if I can use HD quiz for a personality-type of quiz. In that case there will be no right or wrong answers, just ”mostly A=…” etc.
    thank you for your reply
    Karin The Netherlands

    • Hello Karen,
      greetings from Canada!

      HD Quiz is NOT compatible with personality type quizzes at this time. It is something actively being worked on, but will not be ready for another few months.

  • Your plugin rocks …..maybe just add a hook to mycred to award points to taking the quiz

    • Thanks for your support m4dgaming!

      I’ve never heard of the mycred plugin before but I’ll look into it and add support if possible.

  • Sarah Schauerte

    I installed this Plugin, which looks great, but the answers to the quizzes are so light they’re barely readable (even when I scroll over them). Is there a way to change the font/background/etc? I don’t see that option anywhere. Also, the name of the quiz isn’t appearing on my site (it start immediately with question #1). I’m running WordPress 4.4.1. Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah,
      this is probably an issue with your theme overriding HD Quiz’s style. If it’s OK with you, please send an email to dylan AT harmonicdesign.ca (replacing AT with the @ symbol) with a link to the page with HD Quiz on it.

      I’ll take a look at it and send you some minor code that you can add to your theme’s stylesheet to force better font colours and contrast.

      • Sarah Schauerte

        Thanks, that’s really nice of you! Really appreciated.

  • Egitimilk Kaliteli Egitim

    Hello. Thks for great plugin. My problem is when ı finish exam there is a featured ımage. how can ı change that.

    • Hello Egitimilk,
      you actually found a bug with the old way the shortcode handled featured images. I am sorry that this happened to you!

      I have updated the plugin to remove the featured image in the results. Please deactivate HD Quiz, delete, then reinstall from the WordPress repository to re-download latest files.

      The next feature version of HD Quiz (to be released later this week) will allow you to upload a different featured image for Quiz Pass and Quiz Fail results.

      Thank you for bringing this bug to my attention.

  • Sammie

    Hallo i have added the a few questions but when i want to preview the questions, it doesn’t show anything, please assist

  • Sammie

    Hallo i have added a few questions but when i want to preview, there is nothing showing, please assist

    • Hello Sammie,
      It’s not possible to preview a Question but it is possible to preview a Quiz.

      You need to preview whatever page or post you placed the Quiz shortcode on, not the individual questions.

      • Sammie

        i have tried but nothing can i give you my wp details u see what could be the issue?

  • Hi, great plugin! Just wondering if it’s possible to find out how many people took your quiz or what their answers/total score were. Thanks in advance!

    • Hello shoppaholic2016,
      HD Quiz does not currently store any of that information to the database, but I do plan to add something similar in the future.

  • Trevor Gordon

    I entered my domain but it gives a red triangle error. Saying domain name is not correct.

    • svasil

      Me to

      • Can you elaborate please?

        What step are you getting this error on? The ‘Final Step’?
        Does Facebook give a reason for the error or is the only indication the red triangle?
        How are you entering your domain? With or without http:// or www?

        • svasil

          Yes, in the final step.
          The only indication is the red triangle. He say: App domains must match the domain of the Secure Canvas URL, Mobile Site URL, Unity Binary URL, Site URL or Secure Page Tab URL. Please correct these domains:
          I enter the name 1. mynaime.com, or 2. http://www.myname.com, or 3. http://www.myname.com but the result is the same… 🙁

          • Hmm, I cannot really support Facebook (as I have no control over Facebook), but please try the following.

            1 – Click Apps and then select your app.

            2 – Click the Settings button on the left side of the screen.

            3 – In the Basic settings, click the Add Platform button below the settings configuration.

            4 – Select Website in the platform dialog.

            5 – Enter your URL

            6 – In the App Domains text input, add your domain that matches the one in the URL.

            7 – Save your settings.

          • svasil

            This is the message if I try to share the quiz on facebook.

            Can’t Load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.

          • What domain are you trying to use this with? What ever your domain name is, that’s what should have been entered into facebook. Are you using a subdomain? Because if so, then you need to enter the subdomain into facebook as well.

  • 239u4-8

    hi i really need you help. i was wondering why i cant see the quiz on a mobile? i tried it using the apple stimulator and the only thing that didnt work was the quiz. i extremely like your plugin and would love to use it but can you please help me with this problem.

    • The quizzes are definitely mobile friendly, so there is likely something in your theme that is stopping them from appearing on your site on mobile devices.

      Can you please send me a link to a quiz on your site? I’ll take a look and let you know.

      • 239u4-8

        actually my site isn’t live yet. do you know any other way you could possibly help me?

        thank you for replying

        • Hello 239u4-8,
          unfortunately, the only way would be to look at your CSS and find the attribute that is hiding the content. The easiest way to do this is to make your browser window as small as possible (which will force it to show the mobile/responsive styling), then use your browsers inspect feature to track down your errant code.

  • Thank you!

  • Austine

    Hello iam unable to access more options on the quize settings like how to set the timer etc i didn’t get to see the option there. also ther is no fill in the blank question. am i looking at the wrong places?

    • Hello Austine,

      to edit individual quiz settings, go to HD Quiz -> Quizzes, then select the quiz you wish to edit. This will take you to all of the advanced settings and options for the quiz. HD Quiz does not have a ‘fill in the blank’ question type; only multiple choice.

  • John D

    I am getting two start buttons when I use wordpress pagination. How do I get rid of the one? Here is a link to the problem page. http://b4therapture.com/blog/quizes/

    • Hello John D,
      I took a look at the link you sent and the problem is that you are using both WP Pagination and jQuery Pagination. Please edit your first question “Where was the book of Revelation written” and uncheck ‘pagination’.

      If you would like to know what the difference between WP Pagination and jQuery Pagination, then please take a look at this link. https://harmonicdesign.ca/hd-quiz-pagination/

  • Ksistof Jusel

    Hello, Dylan, I like Your plugin HD Quiz very much and I would like to ask how to count , sum results from multiple quizes? Thank You


    I love this plugin so much and I would actually love to have an import and export questions into quizzes feature. This will make it perfect and recommend it for schools in my local area. I will really appreciate your response

      thank you for your kind words!

      HD Quiz uses a custom post type to manage all of the questions – this means that you can use WordPress’ built in export and import tool to import/export quizzes.

      Goto tools -> export, then select Questions. This will allow you to export all of the questions. You can then use this file to upload to another installation with HD Quiz installed to import all of your questions again.

  • nikos583

    Great plugin guys, love it! I need help with Tips. How can I add tip/hint to each question?

    • Hello nikos583,
      thank you for your support!

      You can add a tip/hint to any question by entering content into the “Tool tip text” section of the question edit page. Just please note that tips are text only, meaning that you cannot add links or images to it.

      • nikos583

        Thank you very much for the quick reply!

  • Rachel Kaisler

    Hi! I’m looking to use a quiz to quickly capture information from a potential customer. This would include their specific answers to the quiz questions itself. Is it possible to receive all of the information inputted into our webpage through this application? Thank you!

    • Hello Rachel,
      HD Quiz does not store any user inputted information, so it would not be possible in it’s current state.

      Perhaps the popular Contact Form 7 plugin can do what you want. It’s not a quiz or anything, but you could have ‘questions’ and ‘answers’ and email yourself the results. The downside would be that it would not be able to mark right or wrong answers or give or score.

  • Teena Barnett

    How do I change the background color of the quiz passed text and the quiz failed test? It’s randomly two different colors within the same box.

    • Hello Teena,
      I am not sure what you mean by “randomly two different colors within the same box” unless you are referring to the two tone color for the results section itself and the share section within it. Please see the attached image for reference.

      If yours looks different, it is because your theme is overriding it.

      You can always add CSS to your theme to set the colors to anthing you want.

      To change the ‘color one’ of my reference image, add the following:

      #hdQuestionnaireContent #results {background:#FFFFFF !important}

      That would change the background to white. Replace #FFFFFF with whatever color you want. The ‘color two’ of my reference image can be modified with the follow:

      #hdQuestionnaireContent #hdQuShare {background:#FFFFFF !important}

      Once again, the above line would force the background to be white.

      I hope this helps!

      • Teena Barnett

        Thank you!

  • Gavin Watts

    Great plugin…how does one change the font size for the questions?

    • Hello Gavin,
      I’m glad that you are enjoying HD Quiz!

      HD Quiz automatically types to your theme, so if your theme headings are large and blue, then HD Quiz will make it’s headings large and blue as well.

      Luckily, it’s very easy to override this yourself using CSS.

      Edit your themes CSS and add the following line, replacing font-size: 22px with your desired size.

      #hdQuestionnaireContent h3 {font-size: 22px !important;}

      • Gavin Watts

        Thanks Dylan this will solve a headache for me…If ever you find yourself in Cape Town contact me and we will have a beer….

  • svasil

    Hi sir, you have a great plugin! Just wondering if it’s possible to change the range of the questions? And put the questions in groups? (Geography, History etc…)

    • Hello svasil,
      I’m glad you’re enjoying HD Quiz!

      The best way is to use a combination of the new Title type of question, mixed in with the Pagination feature.

      So you’d add a new question called “Geography”, but do not add any answers. Instead check off “Question as Title” and “Paginate”.

  • svasil

    Did I can drag and drop the questions to change our range?

    • Hello svasil,
      for re-ordering questions, I’d recommend using the Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin. This will allow you to drag and drop.

      • svasil

        Thanks! It works!!!

  • Hase

    Thank you for that nice plugin, great job. It is really easy to learn and running smoothly! I have got a question concerning the logic of the question and answers. As far as I can see, it is not possible to insert a photo into the correct answer, is it? Say, I would have a multiple choice text question with 4 possible answers (and no photos at all). If the user clicks the right one I would love to say something like “Great”, together with a nice picture of the answer item – nearly as you have already inserted it for the wrong answerI Is there any possibility to insert that into further updates?

    Thanks for your answer in advance.

    • Hello Haze,
      thank you for using HD Quiz!
      That’s a pretty interesting and unique use case there; I like it!

      Currently, there is now way to show a per-question result when the user gets the question correct. I only added in if they get it wrong because I figured if they got the right answer, then they shouldn’t need an explanation.

      To be honest, I’m not sure if this is something I’ll add into a future update as it would add a whole new level of complexity to the result checking, and I’m not sure if it’s a feature enough people would use to make it worth while (if anyone is reading this and would like this feature, please let me know!). I’ll have to think about the best way of adding it in, so don’t count it out yet.

      As for adding an image to that section? Great idea! I’ll add it into the next release.

      • Hase

        Hi Dylan,

        thank your for your superquick and kind reply! Actually i have already guessed that this would be a lot of work for you – but was hoping for lots of fans to having you asked the same before and you considering to implement this … 😉

        Sorry for my not understanding but I don’t really get your idea of what you mean by “image to that section”? Where would that image appear?

        Just to explain what I had in mind with my question: Given that questions with images are always nicer than ones without … If I have a text question (“Which animal is the biggest?”) with text answers (Elephant, Mouse, Dog, Whale), I wouldn’t take one of those answers as the one and only picture for the post because whichever of the four possible I would take – it would influence the user’s answer. If I choose the “Image Answers” option instead I need at least four images which I have to find, to edit, to name with source etc. and to load up. Having an image together with the right answer seems to be a nice compromise to me: I only have to have one image and the user will get a nice “gratification” for his efforts.

        May I ask you another question? To completely localize your quiz for other languages it would be very useful to have the possibility to translate the score response “You Scored … or …%”, too. That may be a wish of almost everbody who uses HD quiz outside the English-speaking market.:-)

        Sorry for my long reply, dear Dylan, and best wishes

        • Hello Hase,

          thank you for your in-depth response. You bring up a great point about the “You scored…” section. I will add it to the HD Quiz options page next update.

          For the “image to that section”, I am referring to the individual questions page – the Question pass text and fail text. This option is utilizing the WordPress visual editor tinyMCE. It’s possible for me to add in an ‘add media’ button that will allow you to upload an image and ‘insert into post’, just like you would for a normal WordPress page.

          • Hase

            Hi again, Dylan,
            ah, okay. That function has already come to me with my theme, obviously. I had no difficulties to insert an image for each question right from the beginning. 🙂

          • Hi Haze,
            just to be clear, I am talking about the individual questions page (my previous reply was not very well made. edited for clarity). Your theme would have absolutely no control over this section unless it is overriding all tinyMCE instances – which would be a very very bad thing for your theme to hijack!

            I am talking about adding the ability to upload an image and insert it into the text area, just like you can do with any normal WordPress page. Please see attached screenshot to see the section I am referring too. So, not the featured image that appears before each question, but an image that can be inserted into the “Text that appears if answer was wrong” section.

            Hope this makes sense!

          • Hase

            Dear Dylan,
            Thank you for replying again and get this clear. Yes, I had already found that section and tried to insert an image – that was running perfectly. It’s very nice and very near to the opportunity I would love to have for the text that appears if the answer was right. 😉

  • Sandra Koryszewska

    Hi, awesome plugin! But I got a huge problem with the result page – it opens up in a new browser window, without CSS, it just looks dirty. I’d like it to look just like your demo quiz (results appearing on the top of the quiz).
    How can I do it?
    Here is a link to the problem page:

    • Hello Sandra,
      I have taken a look at the link provided, and unfortunately, the problem is a with your theme.

      All of your pages seem to abruptly stop without displaying the footer, any footer scripts, or even the enclosing and tags. This is a pretty serious issue and should be looked at as soon as possible as it essentially breaks the vast majority of any WordPress plugin.

  • kir1akos

    hello and thank you for the great plugin. Very usefull! But i have a question. how can i collect the results from the users? for example i want to know who scored perfect and know his/hers time and some personal info (email or facebook/twitter acount). thank you!

    • Hello kir1akos,
      I am glad you are enjoying HD Quiz. Unfortunalty, HD Quiz does not store any user information, so there is no way for you to retrieve previous results or personal information from a quiz taker.

  • Peter Feldman

    Hey Harmonic – good work, your plug in offers just what we need. Question about customizing results page – any options on the correct answer indicator – some were confused with just a green line below the answer because the incorrect answer still shows the radio button selected and in green. Can this be augmented, enlarged or maybe add an X or check-mark next to correct answer? Is this something you can customize for us? Thanks.

    • Hi Peter,
      I’m glad you are liking HD Quiz so much!

      If you can send me the link to one of your quizzes, I can write some custom CSS for you to enter into your theme that will make the ‘correctly answered question’ more apparent. I’m personally a fan of subtle indicators but understand that it isn’t for everyone!

      • Peter Feldman

        Hi Dylan, we’re just in testing right now and won’t be rolling out the quizzes for a few weeks – also updating theme, so css will change.
        Now that I know it is possible I’ll get approval to use your plug-in from my client and also ask them to make a contribution for the custom work. Thanks!

        • Peter Feldman

          Hi Dylan, we are now working on building our new site and would like your help with some custom CSS – are you available this week? Is this the best place to provide direction on what we want do change or do you have an email I should send to? Please contact me at peter@etainia.com – I hope to have instructions ready tomorrow and styling on the new site ready by Wednesday.

      • eTutorialWorld

        Hi Dylan,
        I like your Quiz plugin HD Quiz. But like Peter was telling, I want to have some better indicators for correct and wrong answers. Something like, Text changing colour and tick or Cross mark coming depending on the option selected. Could you please help me

        Sivaprasad K.S.

  • Rajeesh Nair

    I like this plugin.
    I have an issue on this. When sharing in Facebook it is open in same window and after share this didn’t redirect to my website. Is it possible to open share option in new window?

    • Hello Rajeesh,
      I’m glad that you are enjoying HD Quiz!

      Thank you for brining this to my attention – the share not opening in a new window was an oversight on my part. I have updated the code to do this. Please deactivate and delete HD Quiz, then reinstall from the repository to ensure that you get the small change I made.

      As for having it automatically redirect to the site: This is something that I’ve been struggling to get working with new Facebook API. Luckily having the share dialogue open in a new window makes it unnessissary now, so thanks for letting me know!

      • Rajeesh Nair

        Thanks. Its working fine now.
        Can u add WhatsApp sharing option in this plugin

  • Hey, great plugin.

    Can i make to show the result on the same page? Now it redirect to a page. I want people to stay on the same page

    • Hello Cristian,
      HD Quiz loads on the same page. If it is not for you, then that means there is a problem with your theme not loading footer scripts.
      If you can send me a link to your site, I can confrim this for you and send you an easy way to fix your site. This fix would not only get HD Quiz working perfectly for you, but would fix a myriad of other problems on your site as well!

      • Hi Dylan, This is the page http://managersacademy.ro/membri/m1/quiz/

        Thank you for looking into this

        • Hi Cristian,
          I have taken a look and I have to admit, I’m scratching my head here.

          I was half right that there is something in your theme conflicting with the loading of footer scripts, but I am unfortunaly unable to know why without admin access to your site.

          Please try each the following and see if it works.

          OPTION 1: The problem is that you site is not writing the quiz settings. Things like if there is a timer on the quiz or if the quiz should mark right/wrong answers.

          Please go to HD Quiz -> Quizzes -> click on your quiz. This will take you to the quiz option page. Set any settings you want here then save.

          Now you can check the quiz again and see if everything is working.

          OPTION 2: If option 1 fails, then we can try incerting the settings directly.

          Please edit footer.php in your theme folder


          and copy/paste the following code at the top.

          var pluginURL = "http://managersacademy.ro/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/";
          var jPagination = "no";
          var hdQuizTimer = "no";
          var quizTimerS = "270";
          var hdQuizShowResultsCorrect = "yes";

          • Thank you Dylan!

            Option 2 worked. Iuhuu! 😀

          • That’s great!

            You can edit individual quiz options. such as the quiz pass / fail text by going to HD Quiz -> Quizzes -> click on your quiz. This will take you to the quiz option page. Set any settings you want here then save.

            There are also general global options located at HD Quiz -> About / Options.

  • Glenn Rowe

    Hi, great plugin in but for some reason the images for the sharing buttons (twitter and facebook) are not showing. any ideas ? I’ve switched to twenty Fourteen theme and no change and also deactivated all plugins, again no change ….https://www.theallseeingeye.com/music-quiz/

    • Hi Glen,
      Thank you for using HD Quiz!

      I have taken a look at your site. What’s interesting is that you site is able to load the images on my phone, but not my desktop. This is particularly interesting as there is no code difference in HD Quiz between the two.

      Because of this, I’m thinking that this might be a caching issue on your site (I see you are using WP-Super-Cache).

      Please first try and clear your site cache in WP-Super-Cache and see if it works now. If not, try clearing then disabling WP-Super-Cache (temporarily) to see if that fixes it for you.

      If neither of these works, then I can send you a custom fix that will load the image source directly instead of through jQuery.

      • Glenn Rowe

        Dylan, Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

        I have worked it out, the problem was with ‘Rocket Loader’ in Cloudflare, with this switched off, it now works. Thanks.

  • Dead Skunk

    Congrats on a great plugin. I was really surprised someone had done a multiple choice plugin with so much configuration. One issue I am seeing is I am not able to use multiple quizzes on the same page. The first one always works, subsequent ones don’t, and when I select an answer in any quiz other than the first it actually triggers a selection in the first quiz (i.e., I select option #3 in the second quiz and the radio button for option #3 in the first quiz is selected). If I submit any quiz other than the first I am sent to a new page with the answer, etc., so I believe the JavaScript is binding to only that first one and catches the submit, while the others are not bound. Maybe this could be solved by added an id selector to each quiz and binding to it, or adding a check for multiple quizzes in the JS and if multiples are found iterating over each one?

    Just for insight into why I have this: I have a client who is going to post one-question quizzes on blog posts. So if she has two or more blog posts with a quiz the second one (and any others) will not work.


    • Hello Dead Skunk,
      thank you for your support of HD Quiz.

      When I first developed HD Quiz, I never even considered the possibility that people would want to use more than one quiz on a page, but you are now the third person to bring it up!

      You are correct that it is because the quizzes do not use unique IDs (why would they need unique IDs? People will only be using one quiz per page!). I’ll try and spend some time this weekend to push out an update that will wrap each quiz in it’s unique ID so that the jQuery will only target the correct quiz. Stat tuned!

      • Dead Skunk

        Wow, thanks for the quick answer and even more for the willingness to consider a change. I’ve been a developer for 20 years and can’t count the number of times this exact thing has happened to me. But it’s far better to add a feature enhancement people ask for than to build in a lot of stuff they never need. Cheers.

  • Steve Clews

    Hi for some reason when a Quiz is completed all I get at the bottom of the page is a grey box with no customised text in which I have put in on the options, picture attached. I have tried loads of the other options but no joy in showing the outcome to a visitor. Any help much appreciated and apart from that the plugin looks great so really want to get this running. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/67b083f98217fc1de3a06610a83869119fba1e848ee8dead0bd48273a2d987f8.png

    • Steve Clews

      I should have mentioned I am using the woocommerce store front theme and all default settings on that

      • Hi Steve,
        This is the first time I’ve seen this problem. Are you able to show me a live link?

        • Steve Clews

          Hi and thank you for getting back to me, just answer everything yes and or no on the quiz as get the same outcome link https://bos.witchcraft.uk.net/?p=568

          • Hi Steve,
            thanks for sending!

            I just took a look and found the problem, but I do not know why the problem exists.

            The problem is that your server is blocking the results file from loading. “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)”. This is most likely because the file does not have permission to load. The file is plugins/hd-quiz/result.php

            Are you using a security plugin by chance? Try white labelling HD Quiz, or change the folder/file permissions for results.php

          • Steve Clews

            Fantastic and thank you so much. I did a security scan on my host CP the other day and it was recommending a folder update which I did, fortunately I was able to roll that update back and that has worked 100%. Thank you for a great plugin and fast response and as you said it was a folder permission. 5 out of 5 stars from me.

          • Thanks for sending!

            I just took a look and I *think* the problem is with whatever page cache system you are using (autoptimize). It looks like when it compressed the jQuery from HD Quiz, is changed the order of some of the functions causing a “jPagination is not defined” error. I know that HD Quiz is compatible with all of the major WordPress cache plugins, so I wonder why autoptimize is struggling?

            Can you please add the HD Quiz script, http://theasvab.com/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/custom.js to your exclude/ exclude from optimizing list and test again? If not, I think I have another idea that should be a simple fix you.

  • Masud Abdulla

    I need an extra feature. I need a certificate for my customers. If they can pass the quiz then this plugins will automatically create a certificate for him. Can I get this feature?

  • Jeremy Thompson

    Hey Dylan! This an awesome plugin and I am super stoked about using it on my site! I had a question/issue though. I am trying to add a quiz and have 1 question per page (using WP Pagination) for ad revenue. The issue I keep encountering is that I can add the questions, but when I click submit, it shows as 0/1 questions correct rather than showing the true amount of questions I have. Basically, it appears as that it’s only grading one question instead of all. Also, the results open on a new page and I’ve reviewed the issues others have encountered but I’m at a loss right now.

    Any guidance would be awesome! Thanks again and look forward to it!

    • Hi Jeremy,
      this definitely sounds like a script issue where you site has something blocking the scrips from working. Are you able to show me a link?

      • Jeremy Thompson

        Thanks for the quick reply!
        Here is a link.
        Let me know if you need any other info !

        • Thanks for sending!

          I just took a look and I *think* the problem is with whatever page cache system you are using (autoptimize). It looks like when it compressed the jQuery from HD Quiz, is changed the order of some of the functions causing a “jPagination is not defined” error. I know that HD Quiz is compatible with all of the major WordPress cache plugins, so I wonder why autoptimize is struggling?

          Can you please add the HD Quiz script, http://theasvab.com/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/custom.js to your exclude/ exclude from optimizing list and test again? If not, I think I have another idea that should be a simple fix you.

          • Jeremy Thompson

            I will definitely try it. It will be later on this evening but I will let you know when I do it! Thanks again!

          • Jeremy Thompson

            I deactivated the Autoptimize plugin and now it works like a charm! I appreciate your help on it! Be on the lookout for my donation as this is ten times better than what other plugins want to charge!

          • That’s great! I’m glad it’s working for you 🙂

  • Eliakim

    Really love what you guys are doing esp that it’s FREE. This is premium quality stuff. One thing I’d love you to add or ask is a leader-board? Is there a short code for that presently or is it in progress please. Thanks a lot 😉

  • This plugin was working great, but on some browsers, we are coming up with results that look like this in a new window:

    “YOU ARE A HIGH ACHIEVER. High achievers get good results…sometimes even great results. The problem is that they do this at great expense to themselves and others. And, their results are not sustainable over the long run. High achievers are adrenaline-driven, impatient, extremely busy, and anxious. They take on more than they can handle, hate delays, dislike ambivalence and focus on flaws. They tend to be workaholics and perfectionists. They pressure/push themselves and others to achieve unrealistic goals and measure their self-worth by activity, driving for closure and how much energy they apply to the task. They tend to be motivated by a fear of failure vs. a desire for success.

    Interested in learning more? JOIN US IN THE FASTLANE!

    “We transform High Achievers into Peak Performers””

    With the characters as shown. How can I fix this?

    • Hi Whitney, this is a character encoding issue and is not caused by HD Quiz.

      There are three possibilities here.

      1) A recent update to Safari introduced a bug where any site that does not explicitly declare a character encoding, defaults to ‘none’ instead of UTF-8. This can be solved by adding this line to your theme header .

      2) Perhaps you copy/pasted that line from Word or something which kept the special (non web safe) characters. Try editing your text to remove the special characters. Such as delete the first blank space before each line then press the spacebar to create a new safe space. This will remove all of the “” characters.

      3) It’s possible that if you are using some caching plugin, then that plugin is causing the wonky character encoding. If the above two options fail for you, then disable any caching plugin and see if that fixes it.

      I’d say that there is a 90%+ chance that doing option 1 will solve your problem though. If you can send me a link to your site, I can also take a look to see if your theme is declaring a charset and help you add it in if needed.

  • ASI Techs

    Hi Dylan…
    I am in a bit of a time crunch and will look through the support forum later, but for now, I quickly want to figure out the best way to control the styling of quiz questions. If you visit my initial quiz, you will see why I want to fix the styling: https://support.asi.com/attachment-defense-quiz/

    • hi ASI,
      this is 100% because of the styling in your theme.

      You can add the following CSS to your theme to fix

      #resultsTotal h2, #resultsTotal h3, #hdQuestionnaireContent h3, #hdQuestionnaireContent label {color:#2d2d2d !Important}

      • ASI Techs

        Thanks!. I just tried this out and it looks great now! Our theme Is just the basic TwentySixteen WordPress default theme without any prior modifications to the CSS.

        And I figured out adding the following CSS will hide the Social Media sharing buttons in the results.

        #hdQuShare {
        display: none;

        Well… nix that.. I just found the all the advanced features for editing a quiz and see you have options for hiding the Share results… duh

        I have another question, but I study all features and look through other posts here and on the plugin forum on WordPress before I ask. If I don’t see it asked, I’ll be back. I will also try getting you a donation from our company if my boss likes this and sees potential for end user training. This is really an awesome plugin!!!

  • eTutorialWorld

    Hi Dylan,

    I want to give additional information for answers after the quiz is completed irrespective of correct or wrong answer. Plz help…

  • Frank Marchant

    I am building a medical quiz that reads as follows:
    Within the last month how severe has your symptom been:
    (The test taker is given a choice 1,2,3,4,or 5.)
    At the end of the quiz I would like a numeric tabulation.
    (Over a certain number reflexes one diagnosis under, another.)
    Can you please assist.
    Thank You

    • Hi Frank,
      HD Quiz is not built or meant for that kind of tabulation, it is meant for multiple choice quizzes. I think you are looking for one of those “personality type” quizzes. I have never used it before, but I would recommend checking out WordPress Viral Quiz or codecanyon.net. I believe it does what you are looking for

  • Ray

    Awesome plugin! I’m running into an issue where questions are being duplicated. 1, 3, and 4 have been the same after I just refreshed. Also, the questions are not coming up in the order that I created them. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hi Ray,
      unfortunately you cannot use both WP Pagination AND random question order at the same time (it’s a WordPress thing).

      If you need to use a random question order, then please disable WP Pagination in the individual quiz settings (HD Quiz -> Quizzes -> Name of your quiz). You can still use jQuery pagination if you want by selecting it on each individual question.

      However, if you do NOT have random question order enabled in the quiz options, then I’m afraid that means there is something fundamentally wrong with either your theme or another plugin you have installed. Basically something is hijacking the WordPress query and modifying it – something that should never be done! Are you using anything else that would modify or change the order of your posts the random, or perhaps any changes you’ve done yourself in functions.php?

      Please let me know if you need further assistance.

  • digitalhexcode

    Love this plugin! Are there any plans to limit the number of questions in a quiz? I would like to have a pool of a few hundred questions but I only want 20 random ones picked per quiz. Thanks!

    • Hi there digitalhexcode.

      Yes! That feature is planned for the next release 🙂

      I cannot say when I’ll push the next update though. Hopefully in the next two weeks.

      Glad you’re enjoying HD Quiz!

  • newuser

    I have just installed HDQuiz but there is no “Add new question” button. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it still doesn’t work.

  • Rafał

    Hi, is there any option to show a quiz only to logged in users?

    • Hi Rafat,
      currently, this is something that should be handled by your theme via either a custom post template or a shortcode. It also looks like this free plugin can do what you are asking for: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/user-access-shortcodes/

      With that said, I think that this will be a great feature to include into the next version of HD Quiz, so thank you for the suggestion!

  • Burt Williamson

    Thank you for all of your hard work! It seems the Facebook App interface has changed since you posted this. Let’s hope it works!

    • Uh oh! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll take a look and update the screenshots/instructions tomorrow. Hope you can figure it out before then though 🙂

  • Hello
    Just started using the plugin for an education website and it is excellent.
    My first question is about the layout of the questions. Is there a way to control the font size of the questions and the width of the box around the questions?
    The second one is whether it is possible to get a printout of the questions with the correct answers?
    Thanks again.
    Tom Farrell

    • Hello Tom,
      fonts and colors can be easily changed via CSS. You can edit the following and add it to your theme’s style sheet.

      #hdQuestionnaireContent {max-width: xxxxpx !important;} /// replace xxxx with the new max width you want
      #hdQuestionnaireContent .question h3 {font-size: xxxxpx !important;} // replace xxxx with the new font size of the question title
      #hdQuestionnaireContent label {font-size: xxxxpx !important;} // replace xxxx with the new font size of the answers

      If by ‘print out’ you mean once the user has completed the quiz, the quiz will show all questions and what the correct answer was, then you can do this by editing the quiz at Hd Quiz -> Quizzes -> select name of your quiz. This will take you to the settings and options for individual quizzes. In there, you will see an option for “Highlight the correct answers on completion”. Enable this 🙂

  • dougpatt

    Is it possible to have more than one answer as the correct answer?

  • Hello Guys, great work with this plugin. My thing is that I would like to customize the style because idk if I’m the only one but I can’t read very well the quiz and idk where I can change the colors (header, answers, bg) Thanks in advanced.

    • Hi Comunidad Kodi,

      HD QUIZ uses your site’s CSS file to auto design itself. This works for 99% of users, but every once in a while we get a curve ball such as your site.

      please add the following to your site’s CSS file.

      #hdQuestionnaireContent .question h3 {color:#000 !important;}

      This will make those headings black.

  • Freek

    Hi there! You’re plugin looks great – one question. I would really like if the members of my site, after completion of the quiz, could receive the answers they gave by email. Is this possible in a way? Thanks!

    • Hi Freek,
      sorry, but this functionality is not included with HD Quiz, although it’s something on the to do list!

  • Alexandru

    Hello. First, thanks for this great plugin! It’s beautiful! A just have one single need on my side – it can show one by one quwstions? Or It can verify them every time an answer is made? Thanks!

    • Thanks Alexandru!

      Can you please explain what a “one by one question” is?

      Using pagination, you can limit the quiz to only show one question at a time, but HD Quiz will NOT check to see if the answer was right or not until quiz completion. If this is what you are looking for, then I have some semi good news. This is a planned feature and something I am working on, but I have no estimated time to completion.

  • Akshay Ganju

    How can I change the font color of the quiz?

    • Hi Akshay,
      HD QUIZ uses your site’s CSS file to auto design itself. This works for 99% of users, but every once in a while we get a curve ball such as your site.

      please add the following to your site’s CSS file.

      #hdQuestionnaireContent .question h3 {color:#000 !important;}

      This will make those headings black. Change color:#000 with what ever colour hex code you would like. You can use this site to help you select a colour: http://htmlcolorcodes.com/

  • Hello
    I have been working on developing a number of quizzes over the last few weeks.
    One is here http://careersnews.ie/subject-choice/
    This is another http://careersnews.ie/career-check-list-for-students/
    They are working well but I would like to change the appearance so they don’t all look the same. Is there any way of changing the colours for instance?

    • Hi Tom.

      What do you mean by “so they don’t all look the same”? Do you mean you want to customize the colours for each individual quiz? So, QUIZ A might use different font colours than QUIZ B?

      If so, you should be able to do this by modifying your site’s CSS style sheet. In WordPress, each page and post is assigned a unique ID. We can use this unique ID to target the styling of any specific quiz with ease!

      Here are the steps you’ll need.

      STEP 1: Find the ID of your Post or Page
      There are two ways to do this. The first is to go to the page with the quiz and “view source”. From here, find the <body> . The body tag will contain a class name with the page or post ID.

      For example, this page: http://careersnews.ie/career-check-list-for-students/ – the body has a class of postid-19315.

      The second way is to log into WordPress, and edit the post with the quiz. If you take a look at the URL of the edit page, you’ll see something like this: yourdomain.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=19314&action=edit . The number after post= is your post id.

      STEP 2: Edit your site’s CSS file.
      For you, this might be a little difficult because I took a look at your site, and there are some problems with your theme. The problem that concerns us is that all of your theme’s styles seem to be printed inline instead of sources from a css file. I cannot know if this was done on purpose (some people wrongly feel that it speeds up their sites) by some plugin or a mistake, so you’ll need to track down why this is happening.

      For now, try adding the following to your site’s CSS file. If this doesn’t work, please let me know and I can help track this down for you further.

      .postid-19315 #hdQuestionnaireContent .question {background: #a1dc7b !important}

      This will turn the background color of all questions to a light green – but it will affect post 19315 (Career Check list for Students) quiz only

      I hope this information has been useful for you!

  • Marilen Faustino Montenegro

    can you create a quiz with multiple correct answers or choices?

  • Hello Dylan. I use your plugin on my website with great satisfaction for 2 years, with the7.3 theme.
    However, I’m making a new quiz now, a visual one where people must identify someone in a picture. Problem is that the pictures vary a lot in dimensions (some are vertical, other wide etc), and then get cropped equally in all questions. Is there a way to make the questions adapt to the pictures (aka always have the same width, but vary the heighth).
    I’ve prepared about 200 pictures but now I’m stuck with this 🙁

  • TLS Tech

    Can we have wp pagination and timer, by pausing the time while moving to next question and resume after loading the next question?

    • Hi TLS,
      unfortunately the timer will not work with WP Pagination because HD Quiz does not pass the current timer info to the next page (something that will be added in the next release).

      If the timer and pagination are both necessary, then you can always use the jQuery method.

      • TLS Tech

        Thanks Dylan. I need WP Pagination and timer. I will try to pass the timer information to the next page and resume at the next page. Hope to get the feature in next release soon.

  • Andy Far

    HI here is my feature request

    Id like to know if i wanted to white label the feature into my website- how much would the fee be? if its very reasonable I will pay you on an auto-renew

    • Hi there,
      Sorry for the late response. Please contact me dylan (AT) harmonicdesign.ca and we can work something out 🙂

  • Joe Krow

    I love this app. So much easier to understand than anything else I’ve come across too. Can I possibly ask you a question. How do I make adjustments to the results page. NEW: Add links to quiz results!
    NEW: Ability to add a small write-up for each question that would be displayed underneath the question on quiz completion (only if user gets the question wrong!).

  • Harrison Budiman

    Awesome Plugin..i just wondering if we have like many questions the user can be tired to fill it..is it possible to save it somehow…i know it should be related with login things..any idea?

  • Hi, I like this plugin. How can I add a rich text question?,I need it to make quiz about javascript

    • Hello Luis,
      I assume that you want to have code tags in either the question or the answers? If so, there are two steps you’d need to make.

      First, encapsulate your question title/answers in the code tag. Depending on what code you want to show and your WordPress install, this might be enough. If it does not give you the desired outcome, then you’ll need to also do the below.

      For security, HD Quiz scrubs and sanitizes most HTML from the inputs, so you’d need to edit this. Start by editing custom-meta.php and remove the additional sanitation there. Things like removing encapsulating `esc_attr` to allow for special characters. You’ll also probably need to take a look at template.php depending on where you want your code to be visible instead of being stripped.

      If you need help figuring this out, just let me know. An example question and answers would be useful as well 🙂

      • thanks!!
        I like this plugin so much

  • warloxx

    Hi, I am getting this in results page https://www.simplytradingtips.com/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/result.php , anyway to fix it?

    • Hi warloxx,
      can you please send me a link to the page with the quiz on it?

      • warloxx

        Thanks for quick response actually it was problem of jquery not running properly by another plugin

  • cbast77


    Why the result is on another page ?
    and not on the same Quiz page ?

    Like this :
    Votre score 0/10 soit 0%
    « You know nothing, Jon Snow »
    Share your score! Tweet your score!

    Link : https://echoppedutrone.com/quiz-3-es-vraiment-fort-dis/

    Why i cant view correct response ?


  • Lino John

    i need to display the quiz result on same page,how to do it,without redirectiing to another page?

    • Hi again Lino,
      99.9% of the time something like this happens, it’s because either A) you are running some security plugin that blanket stops all non native PHP files from loading with WordPress, or B) your theme is incorrectly coded and has a jQuery conflict.

      If you do have a security plugin, try temporarily disabling just to check. If it works, then we now know that the problem is the plugin stopping all PHP files. You should be able to white list the results file from within your plugin settings. If you get this far, please let me know and I can help further.

      If it’s our theme, then please know that I do not officially support helping fix problems with peoples sites. With that said, please send me a link to the quiz page and I’ll take a look. Hopefully the problem with your theme is a quick and easy fix and I can help you fix.

  • Lino John

    How to set timer on quiz page?

    • Hello Lino,
      you can edit any quiz settings by selecting HD Quiz from the left sidebar, then Quizzes. Select the quiz you wish to edit and set change any settings you want.

  • שלמה המלך סניור

    HI, I have a problem. when I click on the finish button it takes me to a white page with the result. what can I do to fix it?
    I tried to find an answere here but no luck

    • 99.9% of the time something like this happens, it’s because either A) you are running some security plugin that blanket stops all non native PHP files from loading with WordPress, or B) your theme is incorrectly coded and either has a jQuery conflict or is not loading the proper files.

      If you do have a security plugin, try temporarily disabling it just to check. If it works, then we now know that the problem is the plugin stopping all PHP files. You should be able to white list the results page from within your plugin settings. If you get this far, please let me know and I can help further.

      If it’s your theme, then please know that I do not officially support helping fix problems with peoples sites. With that said, please send me a link to the quiz page and I’ll take a look. Hopefully the problem with your theme is a quick and easy fix and I can help you fix.

      • שלמה המלך סניור

        I’m using a special theme and I found out the problem. thank you for the answer anyway!

  • Jason

    Hi there and great job of the plugin!

    Just wanted to know if its possible to have multiple endings depending on the questions answered?

    Also, can the answers be recorded down in a google sheet?


    • Hi Jason,
      There are only two possible ending – Pass or Fail. You can customize the text for each of those scenarios. I belive you are looking for a more “personality type” style of quiz?

      HD Quiz also does not store or save the entered data in any way so it would be quite a bit of modification required in order to get that data to save in a google sheet.

  • Can specific user roles be adjusted to give access to HD Quiz to others besides administrator?

    • Hello Cory,
      this is definitely possible, but you’d need to make a small edit to a file in HD Quiz. How comfortable are you with doing this?

      • I can easily edit the file – If I know what to change. I noticed Admin and Editor currently have access. We have a role call ‘Correspondent’ – that we would like to give access too.

        • Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t deal with permissions that easily. I wish it was as simple as adding “Correspondent” as an allowed role, but WordPress bases access based on capabilities, and each custom role has access to certain capabilities.

          Please see here for more info: https://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities

          So basically, what you’ll need to do is edit index.php and find the function called register_HD_questionnaire_admin(). You’ll then want to edit the parameter of manage_options to something that your Correspondent role also has access to.

          By default, only Admins and Editors can “manage_options”. For example, If you wanted Authors to also have access, you can change it to “publish_posts”. “read” would allow all roles to have access.

          • Make sense! – I will give it a whirl!! Thanks for your quick replies. Very much appropriated.

          • Kinda worked – but only added the menu item and about/options – no add quiz or add questions.


          • Also tried ‘publish_post’ – same issue – only show ‘About / Options’ option in menu

          • Hi there,
            I forgot that we also need to edit the custom post type.

            Please edit custom-meta.php and near the end of post_type_HD_Questions() change capability_type from “page” to post.

            This will enable questions. But we now need to also enable the custom taxonomy.

            Now find the function function custom_taxonomy_Quiz() and add the following above $args = array(.

            $capabilities = array(
            'manage_terms' => 'edit_posts',
            'edit_terms' => 'edit_posts',
            'delete_terms' => 'edit_posts',
            'assign_terms' => 'edit_posts',

            now in the args array, underneath 'rewrite' => false, add 'capabilities' => $capabilities,

            Now users that can edit posts will be able to add new questions and add/edit quizzes.

            I fully understand if this is too hard to figure out. If you have trouble, just let me know and I can send you the full custom edits.

  • lizyantoni

    Hi I would like to collect the quiz result and contact details of all those attempted the quiz. How should this be done?

  • Any thoughts on tracking quiz stats / performance? How many completed the quiz – avg pass fail percent of the quiz.

  • Thelma Kingsale

    The reviews are all very positive, but I’m looking to create an intricate wellness interactive questionnaire, which will assign a value to the question depending on a yes or no response. At the end of the questionnaire, the total value will be added and assigned to 1 of the 9 human body systems. Will this plugin be able to do any type of calculation?

    • Hi Thelma,
      Unfortunately, HD Quiz is not able to have “weighted answers”, although it is on the list of upcoming features. Sorry for the bad news!

  • Olorunniyi Ayorinde

    Great plugin!
    But, please I’m looking for an additional feature.
    A kind of Non-objective question that displays no selectable option such that the student types his answer in a textbox.
    The correct answer to the question would have been provided in the options for the question.
    Please, can this be achieved?

    • Hello Olorunniyi,
      Unfortunately, this is not yet a feature of HD Quiz. Sorry for the bad news.

  • Teodora Tănăsoiu

    Hello! I have a problem. I have this image quizz for kids, but my image options won’t show on the page and the words don’t show completely. Can you please help me? Why is this happening? Is this because of my theme? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5ceeda7d56a1b8d2edb0ed117ae3b3bb2b06aeee5ca9331b493c56adbd6a27db.png

    • Hello Teodora,
      This is almost definitely a CSS issue with your theme. If you can please provide me with a link to a quiz, I can write up some special CSS that will fix this right up for you.

      • Teodora Tănăsoiu

        This is the link with my first question. My theme is Sydney. Thanks a lot!

        • Hello Teodora,
          It looks like the problem is that the images do not exist. Did you resize the images before uploading to 400 x 400? If so, I think that you’ve uncovered a rare glitch where WordPress will not resize/rename an image that is already to scale. Try uploading the images as 401px x 401px. This will force your installation to properly affix the correct naming conventions.

          • Teodora Tănăsoiu

            I did not resize them. I will do that. Thanks a lot!

  • The MIRE

    Dear Support –

    Before I install the plugin for wordpress and spend time with it, I’d like to know if it has certain functionality:

    (I am looking for a plugin to host a test for about 1,200 members – 65 or so multiple choice questions.)

    1 – Can users begin taking the test, stop and log out, then rejoin later and pick up where they left off?

    2 – Can they get a confirmation email not only with the score they attained, but also with each question and telling them the ones they did not get correct?

    3 – How customizable is the results email, and would whoever is inputting the questions need an intimate knowledge of html to use it?

    Thank you

    • Hi Keith,
      HD Quiz does not store or save any quiz results, so I’m afraid that the answer to all three of your questions is “no”.

      If you know coding, you could edit the plugin to do #2 and #3 without too much trouble, but #1 would be a complete overhaul of the plugin and how it works at its core.

      • The MIRE

        Thanks very much for the quick reply!

  • Rachel L (ShilohPhotography)

    Question! I have it installed and want to do a picture quiz using 6 images with one being the correct image. It’s only showing one image on the quiz. How do I fix this?

    • Hi Rachel,
      Can you send me a link to a quiz?

      Are you only uploading the main featured image? When adding/editing a quiz, under “Advanced Options” there is a checkbox for “Image Answers”. Select this and you’ll be able to upload an image for each answer.

  • Divya Chhabra

    Can anybody tell me the procedure for formating the question? As i want to write the points written question should be in new line

    • Hi Divya,
      you can try using


      to create a new line. That’s the HTML entity for a line break.