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HD QUIZ 1.8. If you are seeing a message “Question type not found” on your quizzes, then it means that you still need to update your quiz data. Please log into your site and run the data upgrade tool.

If you have any issues or requests, or simply want to leave a comment, please use the form on the right to do so.

HD Quiz is a FREE Quiz builder plugin for WordPress. The focus of HD Quiz is to create an easy to use and intuitive way to build fun quizzes and add them to any page or post on your site.

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Highlighted featured of HD Quiz:

  • Each quiz can have unique settings and options
  • Mobile friendly
  • Touch-friendly
  • Question featured images and tooltips
  • Multiple Question Types
    • multiple-choice text (user selects a text option)
    • multiple-choice images (user selects an image)
    • text input based (user types their answer – HD Quiz 1.8+)
  • Social sharing
  • Animated GIF support
  • Quiz timer
  • Full pagination support
  • Basic translation features
  • Custom pass/fail text – you can add images, shortcodes, links – anything!
  • Grab questions form a pool of questions
  • Extra text that appears under each question if the user gets the question wrong
  • Multiple “marking” modes such as showing what answers the user got right and wrong, and which answer was the correct one
  • Custom question order
  • Random question order
  • Random answer order
  • CSV Question importer (HD Quiz 1.8+)
  • Fully Gutenberg compatible
  • and so, so, so much more.

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Hey Dylan, I also have the same problem as Jean (the questions are not random) - I checked and I don't have any caching plugin installed (my website: https://vinhosecastelos.com) What could be happening? I'm starting to use your plugin now and I'm enjoying it very well, but I need the questions to be randomized. How can I resolve this? Thanks in advance p.s: sorry for my english because i used google translate


    thanks for your prompt reply


Thank you so much... Here are my requirements. I am a teacher and I am using this plugin to make quizzes for my students. There should be an entry to add that student's name. And I want to increase the answer option's font bigger. How can I solve above problems?

January 17, 2022 ~Koganole Popat 👍

Hi, I've just started using HD Quiz and love it! Thanks. I'm using a featured image for each question I put in a quiz and they are often causing the question and the multiple choice answers to extend beyond the page so the user needs to scroll down. I wonder if there's a way to avoid that without reformatting each image I use eg some CSS?


Hey Dylan, very nice plugin.My quiz consists of 150 questions and is set to random 20 questions at a time. However, if you want to reload the page for another set of 20 questions, the quiz keeps repeating the same questions. How can I solve this. thanks in advance


Hello, I installed the plugin, thank you so much for making it available (quiz maker). However the short code inserter in the final completed quiz message does not work. When I click on the button nothing happens, and when I just try to add the short code directly into the text section, that also doesn't work. Any chance we can troubleshoot this?

January 13, 2022 ~Larisa Mathur

Hi!I installed the HD Quiz plugin.I see the below error message when adding each question: Notice: Undefined index: answers in /home3/factsqui/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/meta.php on line 979 I'm still able to add the question and answers but when I test the quiz I get the below message above the quiz. Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in /home3/factsqui/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hd-quiz/includes/functions.php on line 700


Hello, Great Plugin. I just want to add one thing here. By default the Question is set at heading H3, Can I change it into H4 or Paragraph. Thank You.


Hi there, does the HD Quiz: Quiz Styler Addon allow you to change the answer tabs to tick boxes? And is it possible if using multiple answers to setup a. b. c. options for each answer?


Hello, is there a way to export my questions on a CVS form? I really enjoyed using your program but I am leaving Wordpress and I was hoping to take my questions with me. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

January 3, 2022 ~Richard Brett 👍

Hi Dylan, love your HD Quiz plugin, it's easily the best free option available in WordPress.

I just have one question. When setting the WP Pagination to '1' or any other number (in Quiz Settings - Advanced Tab), it doesn't seem to add the user's final score correctly. I think maybe it only counts the final question.

Is there any way around this, or is it maybe something I'm doing wrong in the settings?

Thank you, G


    Thanks for the quick reply Dylan, I'll just do each page separately instead, it's probably the easiest option.

    Thanks again, and happy new year.


Hi, I'm using your plugin for my site. Congratulations it works really well! I need to create many quizzes all with the same basic settings. Is it possible to change the default settings, so that the new quizzes are already set up as I want? Can you tell me which php file I can edit? Many thanks


      Hi Dylan, many thanks for your quick reply and for your availability. Below you can find the configuration i need in "quiz setting" for each new quiz i will create.


      -> RESULTS --> Quiz Pass Percentage = 100% --> Hide all questions = YES --> Quiz Pass text = [IT_right_answer_final] --> Quiz Fail text = [IT_wrong_answer_final]

      -> MARKING --> Highlight correct / incorrect selected answers on completion = YES --> Show the correct answers on completion = NO --> Immediately mark answer as correct or incorrect = YES --> Stop users from changing their answers ​= YES --> Always Show Incorrect Answer Text = NO

      -> TIMER Leave as default

      -> ADVANCED --> Share Quiz Results = NO --> Show Results Above or Below Quiz = BELOW QUIZ --> Randomize Question Order = NO --> Randomize Answer Order = NO --> Use Pool of Questions = LEAVE BLANK --> WP Pagination = LEAVE BLANK


      Hi Dylan, just another little thing. I use your csv importer for create new quiz and questions. The code you will provide to me will works also with the importer? Many thanks. Beniamino


I want to create a quiz that has 50 questions that can be classified into 5 categories. Each questions have choices that has a score. So at the end you will have category 1 weight 20, category 2 with weight 15 etc. Then depending on the score, a text for the different score in each category will be sent or display to the user. Can this be done with this plugin?


Hi, I just came across HD Quiz - it looks great! I would like to build a quiz where after the quiz is finished - an email is required to get the answer. How would I build this type of quiz with HD Quiz. Thank you.


Hi HD Quiz! I first want to say this plugin is awesome, and thank you for making it accessible. I wondered if you have heard about labels repeating in "Multiple choice:Text" questions for assistive technology. For example, screen readers will say "True True" and "False False" when reading the choices in a true or false question. This does not happen for "Select All That Apply:Text" questions. Is this a known issue in HD Quiz? Or is this something I've done when designing quizzes?

Here is the test quiz: https://accessiblelibraries.ca/hd-quiz-accessibility-101-test-quiz/

Thanks so much for your time!


      Hi Dylan, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and looking into it further!

      I should have added in my previous comment that the NVDA screen reader was reading the labels/ARIA twice. This issue did not happen when testing on JAWS.

      It's really strange that my site is not using the aria for the default questions but are for the select-all question! It's based on an older theme. Could that be part of the issue?

      Thanks again


is there a way to create an option for the users to make quizzes by themselves and challenge among themselves?


Hello, sir/ma'am, I am loving this plugin and the plugin addon is at a reasonable price. But I can't save q quiz questions if I write questions in our local Bengali language. But if I write questions in English saving button is working.

Please look into this matter lot of people who visit my website don't understand English so I have to make question in the local language. I could send you a screenshot if you did not understand what I'm saying


is this plugin has option of dynamic result page based on their results points


Dear Sir/ Madam, The quiz series is automatically ending after fifth question please look this matter an urgent basis

December 12, 2021 ~Narayan Pawar 😢

Hi there, great plugin (: I just had one question, can you duplicate a course?


Hi - I know support is limited but I am still getting the 'Uploaded file is not CSV' message even after addressing all of the issues in this article: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/uploaded-file-is-not-csv/

Could there be any other possible suggestions?


Hi, my name is Ronald an d I have setup HD quiz, works perfect, accept for now i have only one question, after filling out the right or wrong answer, the questions screen is placed below the result screen which is not editable nor usefull. What I need is one halleluja screen with the correct answer and a 'try again' screen when the answer is wrong, how can I do that? The website is romeineninalmelo.nl, it's currrently under maintenance, goes live tomorrow,

best wishes, Ronald

December 2, 2021 ~Ronald Gerritzen
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