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HD QUIZ 1.8. If you are seeing a message “Question type not found” on your quizzes, then it means that you still need to update your quiz data. Please log into your site and run the data upgrade tool.

If you have any issues or requests, or simply want to leave a comment, please use the form on the right to do so.

HD Quiz is a FREE Quiz builder plugin for WordPress. The focus of HD Quiz is to create an easy to use and intuitive way to build fun quizzes and add them to any page or post on your site.

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Highlighted featured of HD Quiz:

  • Each quiz can have unique settings and options
  • Mobile friendly
  • Touch-friendly
  • Question featured images and tooltips
  • Multiple Question Types
    • multiple-choice text (user selects a text option)
    • multiple-choice images (user selects an image)
    • text input based (user types their answer – HD Quiz 1.8+)
  • Social sharing
  • Animated GIF support
  • Quiz timer
  • Full pagination support
  • Basic translation features
  • Custom pass/fail text – you can add images, shortcodes, links – anything!
  • Grab questions form a pool of questions
  • Extra text that appears under each question if the user gets the question wrong
  • Multiple “marking” modes such as showing what answers the user got right and wrong, and which answer was the correct one
  • Custom question order
  • Random question order
  • Random answer order
  • CSV Question importer (HD Quiz 1.8+)
  • Fully Gutenberg compatible
  • and so, so, so much more.

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Hello excellent plugin, however i believe there is a bug or a conflict.. The "Stop users from changing their answers" option is not working.I have it disabled and it acts like it is enabled, it does not allow users to change their answer. I am using it with the 7 theme and WP bakery.. any help please?


      Thank you for your reply Dylan, however the setting you mention is off and i have cleared cache several times both on the site and browser with no change.. i also tried via incognito mode and still.. Any other suggestion please?


Hi! I can't for the life of me understand why the quiz I just created is not showing when I preview it. When I put the shortcode in the shortcode section and preview the page, nothing changes. It just remains as a shortcode and doesn't change into a quiz. The shortcode I'm using is this [HDquiz quiz = "2"] which is a test quiz to see how HD works. Please help.

November 18, 2022 ~Afrocentric One

We had a quiz for our workshop, and we had the hd results save lite on, however we need to see the options each person picked, now that we have just their overall score. Can this still be done for a previous quiz if we purchase the pro, I mean will we get to see the options the participants picked in that previous workshop quiz if i purchase the save results pro option


Your html is missing in your github. You changed some of the names of some objects, and now i don't know what you’re referring to.


I need part 3 for your HDComments! Parts 1 and 2 were very helpful. But now I'm stuck.

November 1, 2022 ~Collin Rentz 😢

Hi, I have just installed your quiz here but one user says that the quiz shows 30 right answers when it was actually 32 www.airlinestaffrates.com/airport-code-quiz/

Best Regards Charlotte


hello, i need to make a list of all quizs that i have made like archive page, is it supported on you plugin "HD Quiz - Quizzes", or if there any way to do these.


Hi, I need help. Randomize Question Order is not working in HDquiz. I have 104 questions, it is activated in ¨Randomize Questio Order¨ It is configured to use 30 in ¨POOL of questions¨. the ¨WP pagination¨ is in 0 And also it is ¨Randomize Anzswer Order¨ activated. Randomize is NOT working every time I load the page, but it does if I delete the Chache from my page and go back in. A few months ago when I installed it it worked perfectly. Then it stopped working without making changes to the web. Help.



Can I save my Quiz anywhere before I install a backup of my site to before I installed HD Quiz?

Basically - I installed HD Quiz, made a quiz, life was good. Then later I installed Jetpack and my site went to crap.

I need to backup my site but I'd hate to lose my lovely quiz! Can I download it/save it anywhere? It's this one: https://lovekatetaylor.com/quiz-am-i-ready-to-start-dating-again/

Thanks, Kate


Hi HD, great work! The plugin you created works great. However, I noticed that it doesn't give the admin users to update the title of the quiz https://prnt.sc/ZNzhaGQC8trL, do you think its possible to have that feature in the future? Thank you!



Can you please confirm if we have paid quiz (Payment gateway) feature as well in this plugin.

October 20, 2022 ~Shalini Katoch

Amazing plugin. It works so well! Just one little hiccup. I want the person to be able to just get one question correct and then get the pass message but i can't seem to sort it to do that? I've tried both 1% and 5% pass rate but it's just not working. Any ideas? I also keep getting the 'next' button at the start of the quiz? https://notyourgrandmas.co.uk/are-compression-socks-right-for-you


    Never had a response for this comment so posting again?

    Amazing plugin. It works so well! Just one little hiccup. I want the person to be able to just get one question correct and then get the pass message but i can't seem to sort it to do that? I've tried both 1% and 5% pass rate but it's just not working. Any ideas? I also keep getting the 'next' button at the start of the quiz? https://notyourgrandmas.co.uk/are-compression-socks-right-for-you


I jsut purchase the addon for customizing styles. How do i install it?


      Hello Dylan,

      The problem is the downloaded file is not a .zip file. I tried zipping it but i got error something.

      Do you mind sending a .zip file to my email


Hi, this looks like an amazing quiz plugin! I know there is a way to share your quiz score on social but is there also a way to download/save your score? Thank you!


Hi, is there a way to translate via php the FINISH button in many lenguages? my site is fully translated in italian, english, ecc... and i want to translate also the text of the FINISH button. Many thanks


Pretty neat plugin. Thank you. I just realized that the previous quiz plugin I was using (WP Quiz) was acting erratic (and losing data as I was building the quiz) so I tried your plugin, and it works like a charm. Kudos!

I used it here initially https://www.finlightened.com/options-trading-quiz/ and I wanted to export the quiz to my other site, so I came here looking for solutions. And, reading the comments below, I was able to export the quiz (using tools>export) to the other site as well https://www.startoptions.com/options-trading-quiz/

Thanks again.


Good day, does your plugin have section for leadership board, to be able to have list of top performers.

September 27, 2022 ~SAMUEL CHINEDU


Thank you very much for the plug-in, it’s easy to use , I had one question, after I have used the short code to publish a quiz , and let’s say I have multiple quizzes in multiple pages, now if I have to search for a particular question from the home page, using a search bar, can we do that¿ if yes can you tell me how. ? Thanks in advance




Kudos for the HD Quiz plugin - it is great!

There does seem to be a problem with my implementation on IPads/IPhones (not sure if it is general problem with Safari) where the submit button does not work. Once the quiz is completed and the user submits, the button just greys out and nothing happens. It is fine on other devices.


Hello Dylan, I need to email you privately regarding customization of HD Quiz. It would not be good to post the information publicly. So, can you please email me at my email address attached to this message so I can ask you some questions regarding the job and costs as well?

Thank you,



i have de activated hd quiz one time after that all my quize not shopwing in the page


Hello !

First, congratulations for this great tool. As my website is a bit "private", I would like to NOT show the facebook and twitter buttons about sharing. How can I do that ? Thank you very much.


Export Quizzes

September 13, 2022 ~ElprofeJLuis 👍


shall we create logical options which means, when I use pagination, then if the answer is correct then go to next question, or if the answer is wrong then leave it on that page.

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