[ { "title": "Limit Attempts Addon", "thumb": "https://ps.w.org/hd-quiz-limit-attempts/assets/banner-772x250.jpg?rev=2853870", "description": "This FREE addon will allow you to limit how many times users an take your quizzes.", "slug": "hd-quiz-limit-attempts", "url": "https://wordpress.org/plugins/hd-quiz-limit-attempts/", "author": "Harmonic Design", "verified": "verified", "price": 0 }, { "title": "HD Quiz Save Results Light", "thumb": "https://harmonicdesign.ca/storage/2019/12/banner-1544x500.jpg", "description": "This addon will save the results of all submitted quizzes to a new Results page. Functionality is limited for the light version, so this plugin is best used for analytic purposes so you can see which quizzes are being completed the most, what the scores are, and if logged-in, which users are completing quizzes.", "slug": "hd-quiz-save-results-light", "url": "https://wordpress.org/plugins/hd-quiz-save-results-light/", "author": "Harmonic Design", "verified": "verified", "price": 0 }, { "title": "HD Quiz Save Results Pro", "thumb": "https://harmonicdesign.ca/storage/2020/12/banner-1544x500-1.jpg", "description": "The Pro addon is now available for purchase! With the pro addon, you can request custom information from quiz takers, save individual question results, send automatic emails, add a leaderboard, and so much more. Visit the addon page for more information.", "slug": "", "url": "https://harmonicdesign.ca/product/hd-quiz-save-results-pro/", "author": "Harmonic Design", "verified": "verified", "price": "14.95", "subscription": "month" }, { "title": "Quiz Styler Addon", "thumb": "https://harmonicdesign.ca/storage/2020/12/banner-1544x500-1-1.jpg", "description": "Addon plugin for HD Quiz that will allow you to customize and style your quizzes in multiple fun ways.", "slug": "", "url": "https://harmonicdesign.ca/product/hd-quiz-quiz-styler-addon/", "author": "Harmonic Design", "verified": "verified", "price": "14.97" } ]